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 As with all courses offered through BCHockey, please pay for the course, keep the receipt and then get reimbursed from KMH once the course is completed.  For some courses completion of the course means that you need to complete the post tasks after the course is done.  Then you can get the reimbursement. All courses will be listed under clinics on

HCSP clinic 

(Trainers Course , Now good for 6 years)  

Info on HCSP clinic: When certified as the Safety person the certification is now good for 6 years. To sign up please go to go to clinics and register. Once you have been certified KMHA will reimburse you for the clinic when you provide your receipt of payment.  If the Coach Hybrid is needed please refer to the clinic section on the BC Hockey website to find a clinic to attend.

Respect in Sport Clinic

(The old speakout course)

This course is now offered online.
Please check with all of your Coaches/Ass't coaches/Managers and anyone else helping out with the team that they have done their Respect in Sport training(the old Speak Out). They can do the course online and not have to attend a special clinic for this. The Respect in Sport needs to be completed by the end of November same as any other course.  More information can be found at this link.  To take the online course, follow this link.  Please pay the course fee and KMH will reimburse you when completed.  Please keep your receipt.


Referee Clinic 

September 12, 2018
COTR Kimberley Campus 
4:00 -9:00 pm.
Go to the BC Hockey Website, click on clinics, then select officiating clinics. The class portion of the ref clinic will be held at COTR Kimberley Campus, there is an online portion that has to be completed before the classroom session.

Coaching Clinic

In order to become a coach, the following needs to be in place.

  1. Criminal record check. (This needs to be completed by the RCMP attachment in Kimberley, and is no charge to you.  If there is a charge, then bring your receipt to KMH for reimbursement.)
  2. Take the Respect in Sport Clinic (the old speakout course), when offered.  Look above for the online course info.
  3. And take the appropriate course needed for coaching. (Hybrid or Dev 1)
  4. Once those items are in place, then you need to get some experience coaching.  Talk to the coaching coordinator, or the head coach of your childs team.
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