Executive Responsibilities


All complaints about KMH should go in this order, team manager, coach, division coordinator, and then to the executive. If it gets to the KMH executive, and want the KMH board to discuss and resolve this, please submit a note to Curtis about it.  Include what the problem is, who the people involved are, what you'd like the board to do, and have some suggestions for resolution.

a) Administer all matters relating to the daily operation of KMHA Teams within their respective divisions and in so doing, ensure compliance with the KMHA Constitution and Policies and Procedures Manual. Ensure team officials within the respective divisions are aware of and comply with all KMHA decisions regarding the administration of the hockey program and team conduct; initiating corrective action whenever a violation occurs and reporting same to the KMHA Executive Committee. Organize, implement and monitor the operation of the hockey program within the respective divisions as approved by the KMHA Executive Committee.

b)Call all meetings as set forth in By-Law 4. Attend and preside at all Executive and General Meetings.

c)Interpret the Constitution and By-Laws as required.

d)Take direction from and report to the KMHA Executive.

e)Participate on various committees as established elsewhere in these By-Laws as required.

f)Act as liaison between the KMHA Executive and the Team Officials of their respective divisions.

g)Deals with issues pertaining to other associations and is the liaison between associations.

h)Oversees the day to day operation of the association.

i)Exercise the powers of the executive in case of emergency.

j)Assist other Executive Officers in the administration of activities respecting their division as directed in the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures.

k)Approve in conjunction with the Coach Coordinator, all Team Officials recommended by Coach Coordinator prior to their names being forwarded to the KMHA Executive Committee.

l)Ensure that all Coaches of all teams are aware of their obligation to the East Kootenay League.

m)Ensure that all Coaches of carded rep teams are aware of their obligations to Zone Playoffs, the date for withdrawing from that competition and the consequences of failing to do so.

n)Suspend clubs (teams), players, or team officials, subject to ratification at the next Executive Meeting.

o)Sit on all committees as an advisor.

p)Approve the tournament rules for all tournaments hosted by the Society (KMHA), and his or her (or a designate that must be a director) signature must appear on the rules page of the tournament program.

Vice President 

a)Vice President shall carry out duties as requested by the President

b)Attends monthly meetings and shall, in the absence of or at the request of the President, preside at meetings.

c)In the event that the President is unable to complete/fulfill his duties/obligations, the Vice-President will become acting President for the remainder of the current season.


a)Attend KMHA executive meetings and or provide reports.

b)Keep an accurate record of the proceedings at all meetings, carry on correspondence and generally perform all duties usual to a secretary.

c)Shall give notifications of time and place of meetings.

d)Provide copies of minutes of all meetings minutes to KMHA Executive members and to interested parties

e)Shall post a notice at the rink of all general meetings, one-week prior.

f)Shall publish notice of the Annual General Meeting at least two weeks prior.

g)Shall file an annual report of Constitution and by-law changes to the registrar of Companies within thirty (30) days after each Annual General Meeting.


a) Attend KMHA executive meetings and/or provide reports.

b) Provide financial statements (income statement and balance sheet) for monthly meetings.

c) Issues referee cheques.

d) Does regular deposits. Deposits registration fees and other income, tracks receivables and issues invoices when necessary.

e) Reconciles bank statements monthly.

f) Issues cheques for all payables, ie: monthly ice fees, tournament expenses, travel reimbursement, etc.

g) Takes care of photocopying, office supplies and files records.

Director at Large

a) Attend KMHA executive meetings and/or provide reports.

b) Supports the Board of Directors as necessary.

c) Help formulate plans and policies.

d) Act as member or chairperson of committees appointed by the President.

Director of Ice Coordination

a) Be responsible for obtaining and dispersing all ice time.

b) Disperse ice time to the Divisional Managers for their respective leagues, subject to approval by the Executive.

c) Be responsible for scheduling ice time, rescheduling ice time, exchange of ice time and cancellation of time as per the City of Kimberley Ice Users Guidelines.

d) Coordinate league play for Teams.

e) Communicate with the divisional managers in order to use available ice time in the best possible way.

f) Keep the Treasurer informed on a minimum of a monthly basis as to the actual and projected costs of ice time.

g) Be the KMHA representative at all City of Kimberley Ice Allocation Meetings.

h) Attend KMHA executive meetings and or provide reports.


a) Register all players in the KMHA.

b) Receive and certify all certificates submitted to him/her on behalf of the players and teams applying for registration in the KMHA and forward same to the BC Hockey.

c) Look after the insurance requirements in relation to hockey players registered with KMHA and forward same to the BC Hockey 0ffice.

d) Handle all claims for Insurance, seeing they are processed properly and settled.

e) Present at each General meeting, a report of the year's operation.

f) Coordinate all phases of player registration.

g) Inform Coaches and managers of any medical problems listed on the registration forms.

h) Send all players registration cards to BCAHA via registered mail or by courier in event of emergency.

i) Provide the Executive Committee and Divisional Managers with lists of all players, guardian names, addresses, and telephone numbers after the final registration date as required

j) Receive, enter in computer and keep files for all registration forms.

k) Handle all late registrations and withdrawals

l) Attend KMHA executive meetings and/or provide reports.

Director of Equipment

a) Maintain inventory of equipment, and condition thereof.

b) Seek Executive approval for purchase of new equipment as required.

c) Procure repair services of equipment as necessary to maintain it in good order.

d) Ensure all sponsors' crests are ordered and placed on appropriate sweaters.

e) Attend KMHA executive meetings and or provide reports.

f) Maintain control of keys for equipment lockers and ensure keys are changed each season.

g) Ensure master keys are given to Coach Coordinator and President.

h) Ensure proper use of equipment room is maintained throughout the season.

i) Ensure that uniforms are properly cared for.

j) Collect all equipment and uniforms at the end of the season. Complete

k) Supply and maintain inventory of score sheets.

l) Shall set a fair fee for equipment rentals outside of KMHA use. Will record and receive a deposit for such rentals

Director of Coach Coordination

a) Be responsible for requesting, organizing, and promoting the National Coaches Certification Program Clinics.

(b) Organize and promote In-house Coaching programs ensuring adequate training of Coaching personnel, these programs may be instituted prior to the season and may involve instruction from people outside the minor hockey structure.

(c) Act as a liaison between the KMHA Executive and the Coaches and in doing so ensure that the Coaches are aware of and adhere to the Kimberley Minor Hockey Philosophy, BCAHA, CHA and KMHA Constitution and By-Laws, and Policy and Procedures

(d) Be responsible for the recruitment of Coaches and shall provide a list of Coaches names, addresses, and telephone numbers to the Registrar and Secretary. Shall put an advertisement in the local paper by August 1st of current season for Coach positions.

(e) Develop an ongoing program of Coaches evaluations and be part of a committee responsible for interviewing all Coaches prior to the Coach being assigned a team. Shall be responsible to chair the Competitive & Development Coach Selection Committee.

(f) Assist Coaches with team selection, team balancing and player evaluations, as well as facilitate meetings for support and feedback in an advisory capacity.

(g) Maximize the use of resources and programs available to the Association and in addition distribute any development materials received from the BCAHA, CHA or any other source, also shall catalogue or create files of existing resources.

(h) Be the first level of involvement when dealing with Coaches

(i) Facilitate a minimum of three (3) COACHES meetings per year - pre-season, mid season and end season

(j) Submit clinic request forms to BC Hockey.

(k) Provide facilities for the clinic lecture. Arrange for the necessary ice time for on-ice clinic sessions. Provide the necessary audio-visual equipment needed for clinics.

(l) Arrange publicity for the clinics - both before and after.

(m) Coordinate the evaluation of Coaches at least once a year. Provide report to KMHA executive for review

(n) Shall ensure that all Coaches are aware of match/gross penalty procedures, and that they understand that the suspension times listed are only a minimum recommendation.

o) Attend KMHA executive meetings and or provide reports.


a) Maintain an effective line of communication between officials, the Association, and the National Referee Certification Program.

b) Through the aid of clinics, train and supply sufficient referees to satisfy the demands of AVMHA.

c) Inform Coaches of new rules at the beginning of each season at the Coaches meeting.

d) Oversee the conduct of his or her officials. 

e) Ensure the KMHA Executive Committee is abreast of any concerns or problems referees are incurring with the Association's Policies and Procedures.

f) Facilitate a minimum of one referee meetings per month.

g) Coordinate the evaluation of referees and linesmen at least twice per year.

h) Schedule referees on at least a weekly basis for all scheduled games.

i) Keep a detailed list by age, level, and any other pertinent information of the referees.

j) Prepare pay stubs for the Treasurer on a monthly basis for referee payment. Dates to be determined by the Treasurer.

k) Replace referees when the designated cannot show up - provided they have given enough notice.

l) When a referee does not show up for a scheduled game, it shall be reported immediately to the head referee by the manager of the home team or the Divisional Manager.

m) Appoint a referee other than one on the list when he cannot secure the services of one on the list for special reasons considered in the interests of KMHA.

n) Any further duties as agreed upon by the Executive Committee.

o) Ensure that all referees are aware of match/gross penalty procedures.

p) Attend KMHA executive meetings and or provide reports.

Director of Risk Management

a) Become knowledgeable in the BC Hockey Risk Management Program (HCSP).

b) Create and maintain a risk management file for their Association League of BCAHA, CHA and other risk management information.

c) Promote effective risk management within the Association/League.

d) Work with their executive to help identify major risks and make recommendations to reduce or manage those risks.

e) Be responsible for the completion of Criminal Record Searches of all Team Officials, Coaches, team mangers, trainers, etc., interested in involvement in the KMHA.

f) Attend KMHA executive meetings and or provide reports.

g) Coordinate safety related clinics and Team Safe

h) Bring an updated facility checklist report to every KMH monthly meeting

i) Be responsible for completion of repairs when necessary

j) Ensure proper liability insurance is attained each season

Director of Fundraising

a) Organize, plan and promote the Association's Fundraising Events

b) Will oversee daily operation of Concessions operation by KMHA

c) Develop and implement Fundraising activities for KMHA

d) Be responsible for all matters related to the solicitation of sponsorship and donations to support the financing of the KMHA hockey program and shall report to and take direction from the KMHA Executive

e) Approve all fundraising activities proposed by any members of the KMHA where the Association's name is used

f) Solicit sponsorships and donations from the business community to support the hockey program

g) Establish sponsorship fees and a budget for review and approval by the KMHA Executive Committee in conjunction with the Director of Equipment. 

h) Provide each sponsor with a Certificate of Appreciation and a letter of acknowledgment on KMHA letterhead, and in the case of major sponsors, a team picture/plaque as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

i) No sponsorship shall be accepted if the prospective sponsor insists on conditions which are contrary to the policies of the KMHA, CHA, or BC Hockey

k) Ensure all teams, sponsors, coaches and managers are names in newspaper with photos of teams during Minor Hockey Week. Ensure that all volunteers, donations & sponsors are recognized in the newspaper. Include in newspaper the celebration of Minor Hockey Week across Canada. (Prefer President photo with Mayor & players acknowledging minor Hockey Week)

l) Ensure that the sponsor's name is displayed on the back of the team sweaters in such a location and manner as the Equipment Coordinator in his absolute discretion may determine. Ensure that the names of the sponsors who have not renewed their sponsorship are removed from the KMHA sweaters before the season begins.

m) Arrange advertising with radio for main events

n) Arrange a Food Drive for local Food Bank

o) Report to and receive direction from the KMHA Treasurer regarding financial statements and record keeping practices

p) Help Division Managers coordinate main Division events and ensures that each team fulfils their annual division fundraiser. These Division Events will be; Minor Hockey Week Events (C/D's), Bottle Drive/Penny Blitz (AB), Year End Banquet (Atom/PeeWee)

q) Designate a Bingo Coordinator (in cooperation with the Volunteer Coordinator & Board of Directors) who will be responsible for all matters related to the management and operation of the Bingo when so used by KMHA and will attend all Bingo meetings and vote on behalf of the KMHA at all Bingo Meetings. The Bingo Coordinator with the assistance of the Director of Volunteer Coordination will establish a system for staffing the Bingo on appropriate nights 

r) Attend KMHA executive meetings and/or provide reports.

Director of Volunteer Coordination

a) Attend KMHA executive meetings and/or provide reports.

b) Be responsible for the recruitment of all volunteers for all KMHA events.

c) The Volunteer Coordinator along with the Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for creating the necessary committees to facilitate fundraising.

d) Ensure that the fundraising duties are carried out by the responsible parties.

e) Designate a Bingo Coordinator (in cooperation with the Volunteer Coordinator & Board of Directors) who will be responsible for all matters related to the management and operation of the Bingo when so used by KMHA and will attend all Bingo meetings and vote on behalf of the KMHA at all Bingo Meetings. The Bingo Coordinator with the assistance of the Director of Volunteer Coordination will establish a system for staffing the Bingo on appropriate nights

East Kootenay Representative

a) Ensure the KMHA is represented at the EKMHA monthly meetings and all information is brought back to the KMHA in a timely fashion.

b) Ensure all appropriate members know of any changes, rulings etc as soon as possible so as to ensure that the KMHA is adhering to all of the EKMHA rules.

Parent's Duties

(a) Shall support KMHA to the best of their ability including transportation, fund raising, score keeping, time keeping, penalty box supervision, etc.

(b) Shall not interfere with or harass COACHES, managers, or Team Officials - refer to Discipline Guide for Parents and Spectators.

(c) Shall refer complaints in writing to the Divisional Managers.

(d) Shall act as a worthy ambassador of the Association and the City of Kimberley while traveling.

(e) Agree to adhere to the Parent Code of Conduct.

Website Coordinator 

Update webpages on this website.  If you are a team manager, please contact me to get access to your team website.  You can contact all your parents via your own team website.  You can give schedules, team scores, team news, along with other items that you'd like to see.  I'll try to help out as much as possible for you to be able to do this.

Volunteer Coordinator 

There are no upcoming events.
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